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미국코스트코 유기농 잡곡 인기제품 [Camellia brand] Small Red Beans / 팥 1lb


미국 코스트코 인기 제품 "카멜리아 브랜드" 인기 제품을 만나보세요.

만나쇼핑몰 오픈기념 "단독 파격 가격"으로 판매합니다


Small Reds keep their shape when cooked for a long time, which makes them ideal for soups and congees, as cooked-and-chilled additions to salads, and when served mixed with rice in spicy Caribbean dishes. They’re also known as “Mexican red beans,” “Honduran red beans,” “Salvadorean red beans” or “Central American red beans,” and they make a great substitute for pintos or red kidneys in chili, with rice dishes, or mashed and refried in baleadas, a popular Honduran street food.