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*이번주특가* Ginseng Boostik 30stk (10g*30stk)

$29.99 $58.00

BeeFamily boostik is an excellent and healthy treat containing premium Canadian ingredients in every product.  The boostik is the perfect answer when you need a convenient boost of energy, any place or any time.

Whether you're travelling, studying, or just craving a sweet snack, the boostik is easy to grab-and-go and is the perfect size for your bag or pocket.

Boostik can be enjoyed directly from the sachet, mixed into hot or cold drinks, on bread, or on a salad.


Canadian Ginseng
Raw Honey

 Canadian 5-year-old ginseng is used for the boostik. Premium ginseng, specially raised in a Canadian certified farm, with clean water, air, and natural environment boosts vitality. 


Natural honey is a nutritious food that eliminates toxins in the body, relieves cold, improves immunity, controls cholesterol levels, prevents heart disease, and fights fatigue.